Monday, 30 September 2013


Autumnal weather is creeping slowly but surely.Things are starting to die back, colours fading. I enjoyed growing stuff in my veg beds, yielded some knock out potatoes.I have never grown
Potatoes before, organic ones rule.They were fluffy and creamy.I grew other stuff but ate them all ready so got nothing to show you there! I did try to grow runner beans hopeless.the slugs were having none of it.There is a happy ending to this story.The other day I sat at the bus stop talking to a old fellow, and we got talking about vegetable growing.Told him about my disappointing runner beans crop, just so happens he has an alottment and was on his way home from there.He had a bag full of runner beans.What he did next suprised me, he only gave of what he had picked how kind.know the proof is in the tasting, delicious.Yum x

Fabric fun

I thought i would share with you some of my attemps at patchwork.I know not very neat, but none the less colourful.I reallly enjoy sewing but not that good at it.My point being, never be put of by a craft because you not brilliant at it, do it for the sheer creativity. The quilt at the bottom is has old as my daughter, 13 years old.I started it when she was little its made from clothes she out grew.I even did some applique feet, her little feet back then were my template.I like remembering what outfits all the little patches came from.What crafts do you like doing even when it gets the better of you?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

To be or not to be, umm!

This is a little something I started a while back, it started life has four seperate squares  that were supposed to grow in to a lovey lace like design blanket, I used a chenille type yarn.It was easy to crochet with, just was not likeing the results. So I  decided  against a blanket and joined what squares i had made already. So i  thought these need jazzing up a bit, hence the little flowers, and pink boarder.well I tried im not very good at flowers.Now im left with dilemma of what to turn this into, maybe a cushion case, a bag maybe, what do you all think?Hope you all have a splendid weekend x