Saturday, 17 January 2015


 Finally my first post of 2015, and a happy new year to you all. Even though my life is a lttle crazier  Im still finding some time for crafting and sketching  two of my favourite past times.

 I have not wanted to give up my  love of crafts and all things creative so have been finding ways to combine them with a baby hard but possible.

I have been following  a blog by a woman called  Alisa Burkes for a while now and this lady's talents are outstanding. She became a mother not to long back and as never looked back she still creates fantastic art.

Crocheting with a little one is hard but doable, she loves grabbing hold of the work, but them plays with her other toys!! At the moment i am working on a ribbed beanie  for my mum. Im so loving this project and can see me finishing this project real soon.This hat idea came from a blog called all about Ami.

lastly  I wanted to show you my little work space I set up. There is my ribbon notice board I posted last year with lots of wonderful cards I have received.  The pink unit is from ikea has are the boxes. This is my little area and right across the room my daughtet as her own area where she creates brilliant manga drawings. We call the room our studio and I love the fact I now have a creative buddy.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ♡