Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bears, every where!

Hi there my blog family, i have been away for to long.I have had a bit of a cold, but on the up and up now.So i have busy trying my hand at  Amiguruni, I have tried to follow a pattern but get suck  following them, feel like im improvising.So i keep coming with all sorts of bear head  faces and ideas.Red bear looks a bit grumpy but I love yellow bears sad face.i am really enjoing my self, im soon to be making the bodies for yellow and red bear.I love making toys think i would like to make a Amiguruni puppys as well.I think these bears will make a nice Christmas present for someone, or if i come up with a half decent bear prehaps a give a way.We shall see!!
 I have been bit bobing between the other projects i have started so will show you what i have made soon.So Im home alone today writing my blog.its blustery and cold, so many cups of tea on the go.May be I will do some baking later Im dreaming of carrot cake, but there is the triffle I started yesterday to finish and decorate.What ever you are all up to I hope you are well, and have a lovely week.Bye for now hugs xxx!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

lovely week

 I have been enjoying my week, I have been visiting lots of craft fairs.I would of liked to have been a stall holder, but not got enough stock.I have brought some early Christmas presents and bits for the house, some lovely glass wear.Even though I did not get to do a stall it was educating.I took notice of how people displayed there stock and things they were selling.Have you ever done a craft stall of your own?
  This week also has been lovely in that I celebrated  my wedding anniversary.My hubby brought me a gourgeous bunch of flowers, with all the colours I adore.He also brought me a book I wanted for so long"homespun by Selina Lake"
 I have also started another project, and will have to get back to the other I started another time.This new project is going to be a blanket, it uses up little balls of left over wool effectivly.I have lots left since my ripple blanket.
 Any way hope I have not rammbled on, Hope you have all have a lovely weekend : ) xxxx