Sunday 25 November 2018

Going, going gone

So this month is disappearing way too fast. In fact the whole year has been moving way too quickly. I love this time of the year but, I am finding the shorter days frustrating because it gets dark to fast. I had to take these photos quickly because the light was fading. There really are some glorious autumnal sights to behold this time of year. The rich colours of the foliage have been a source of inspiration in my work


My work space is situated in the garden. It was lovely to work there there during the summer months and watch the wildlife. It’s not been so great during this colder season so back to the kitchen table. I will give you a peek inside my creative space/shed next time.

 Come an evening I have been working on a couple of crochet market bags in sparkly yarn; Hoping to show you the finished bags soon. I am modifying the design as I go. Maybe I should be making a visual pattern so I can remember how to make more. They have multiple storage uses and are quite strong. Will you be making gifts for Christmas? Handmade things are quite special don’t you think?

Monday 17 July 2017

I'm back

Hello peeps it's been a while hey  how are you all? Well I'm back I think what's happening in your life determines whether your blogging or not.

I'm happy to say my younger daughters eczema is better than its ever been, not totally gone but so much better. I had a particularly bad run of it my self but I am doing a lot better.

I have been busy crafting and enjoying all the things you been making.  I wanted to show you what my friend Regina made me and my daughter for Christmas. They are called glam bags here are Regina,s, look at the butterfly zip pulls so  damm cute!
 I think they are fantastic what she made.  She also sent me the pattern which was really nice of her.
I also have had a go at making  some  I really enjoyed having a go, and want to make more, as they make great snail mail gifts so look out. I have made mine different sizes. I think she will be pleased I had a go as my  sewing skills are terrible, despite this I love to sew.

So hope you all having a good week and having a lovely summer. Hope to show you more makes soon xxx

Thursday 22 December 2016

New year new cheer!!!

Hello my lovelies I have returned, and not a minute too soon. I have really missed this space. This is my place to catch up, to express my self and share. Things have been hard, I have encountered so many problems. If you know me then you know my child as excema, this condition really impacts on my family life. Little one was very poorly for months with a very bad flare up, so bad I couldn't see the day it would clear up. It now has and I'm over the moon.

So we have all had a nasty virus that's been going around. Little one as been very poorly she is not eating or drinking much. It was a possible stay hospital to get fluids into her. Today was better with her fluid intake, and she finally had a little to eat after days of eating nothing. Very worrying for me I am worn out with the worry. To top this my mother who is 80 yes of age is poorly with the same bug. I am unable to be in two places at once and have been relying on other siblings to care for her, as I have been looking after Holly. I will now go see her tomorrow and help where I can now Holly is turning a small corner to recovery.

I have been enjoying reading all of your blog's sorry if I have not been commenting on them. I see a lot of you have been well and truly organised for Christmas. I have done my best and have some last minute shopping to complete. I have sent snail mail, some of you should get your parcels in time for Christmas others there after. I hope you will love all the things I have sent you and made.

Here is a make that I made months ago the tutorial is here I have been wanting to tidy up all of those
stray carrier bags in my kitchen for a while, now they are all tidied away. This project is great if you have lots of fabrics scrapes like i do, and is super easy to make. Here is one i made earlier. Hope to share other makes soon!!

Wishing you all a very happy christmas and see you all in the new year xxx

Monday 29 August 2016


We are at the end of yet another month, there has been a birthday my younger daughter Holly turned two. My bigger daughter Rebecca got her GCSE results and I am happy to report she got straight A,s in every subject. She worked so hard at times I was so worried about her health, staying up late studying, cramming revising well it all played off.

We have also enjoyed time together has a family in the garden. It has been unbearably hot at times, which makes a change from the usual summers that we have which are not nearly as hot. It s turned a little milder which suits me fine and a drop of rain to help the garden. 

I have been working in my sketchbooks as you can see from my last post. I have also picked up my knitting needles and am knitting Christmas gifts for friends. I would like to make the dress above all in time for winter. The wool also shown is the yarn I will be using. Which I think would really suit Holly. She is a proper girly, girl and will love it if I can master this pattern, we shall see!!

Wednesday 24 August 2016


What a beautiful morning it is here in my part of the world. The sun is shining the birds are singing and all feels right. That all said I have been away from this space longer than anticipated because on going issues with toothache. To cut a long story short, I had a tooth removed a month ago and my dentist was unable to remove my roots. I am waiting for a referral to the hospital. In the meantime if food touches near the root it akin to accidently poking one self in the eye ouch!!! Any way it will get resolved as does everything in life.

I wanted to stop by to show you a  bag I made. The pattern can be found right here it's a Crocheted linen bag.

 Here is one I make earlier, and I love it. It fits easily in my handbag and is right there when I  need it. I have not done much crochet for a while, but this is so simple to make I can even do it with Holly jumping on me.

I have got my sketch books out and brushing up on my art work, my favourite subject is Holly, but the girl wont sit still, so I have to sketch quick. I find while she's sat on her potty, watching one of her TV shows is best. Drawing from life is invaluable and I think its great I have the opportunity to have my own little life model to learn from. I really feel I have neglected my art work for so long. I know I like to dabble in all sort of crafts but drawing is my first and only love and one I want to pursue again seriously. in the past I have taught the subject, exhibited in galleries and have had work published, which I am proud of. It's not the fame I want, it's the Joy of doing what I love making people smile. It's harder to follow your dreams when you become a mum, but not impossible. So I have everything I need my family and my art perfect!!

Sunday 3 July 2016

Home again

I have just come back from a lovely holiday break at  Flamborough England. The weather was fab all four days we where there and we enjoyed walking along the beach and my little one enjoyed making sandcastles.

So now im back I have been in my craft room which is situated in our wooden garden room and doubles as my laundry room. All my craft items where strewn all over the house until Holly arrived, and now I have everything in one place which is better all round. I love where my new craft room is situated because I can see my garden come into bloom each day.

I unfortunately have not been able to do the amount of crafting I would like to do because my time is divided with family commitments and work and this leaves little for play, but I do find time to read your blogs which is nice because I can connect with fellow crafters like my self which is satisfying.

So hope you all have had a good week, bring on the weekend people!!!