Sunday 25 November 2018

Going, going gone

So this month is disappearing way too fast. In fact the whole year has been moving way too quickly. I love this time of the year but, I am finding the shorter days frustrating because it gets dark to fast. I had to take these photos quickly because the light was fading. There really are some glorious autumnal sights to behold this time of year. The rich colours of the foliage have been a source of inspiration in my work


My work space is situated in the garden. It was lovely to work there there during the summer months and watch the wildlife. It’s not been so great during this colder season so back to the kitchen table. I will give you a peek inside my creative space/shed next time.

 Come an evening I have been working on a couple of crochet market bags in sparkly yarn; Hoping to show you the finished bags soon. I am modifying the design as I go. Maybe I should be making a visual pattern so I can remember how to make more. They have multiple storage uses and are quite strong. Will you be making gifts for Christmas? Handmade things are quite special don’t you think?


  1. Hi Joy, so wonderful to read from you again. I didn't know you had a craft room in the garden. How great is that? I love that you can sit out there and look outside while you craft. At least when it is warmer. I agree that the days are going way too fast and that having shorter time of light each day makes it hard to get things done. Your sparkly bags are beautiful. I love both colours. I too am making some things for Christmas gifts. I didn't actually plan it that way, lol. But that is how it is working out. Take care and hope to read from you again soon ♥

  2. Beautiful market bags, the added sparkle make them so special. Yes I do try to make as many gifts as I can, love enclosed with every stitch.

  3. Your shed for creative work looks so lovely! But I understand that in winter it is not easy to use! I did also crochet such a bag in the past! It's a lovely pattern! Enjoy your pre-Christmas time!!!