Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bears and a pig

So my dear friends, what interesting stuff have you been up to?I have been busy has ever, and dragging along a cold I can not seem to shake.My hubby and daughter too, are full of cold as well.Well it is that season I suppose!
     Apart from running errands and going to work,I have not been out much.Luckly i have been doing my christmas shoping online.So at least thats getting done.I have not done much crafting but I did manage to finish my amigurumi bears I started a while back.Remember there were a few heads I started, and no bodies.My daugter and hubby have been playing catch with there little heads.Well I have four completed bears.There is polar bear,jumper bear,red bear,  which went wrong because i can see the stuffing inside him. Then there is sad  yellow bear, which i love the most and just could not  bring my self to change is mardy expression.lastly miss pig.Yeah I made a pig toy.Now im not quite done with amigurumi yet, I want to make a puppy for my daughter.What ever you are all up to this weekend make it a crafty one, and a good one x.

Friday, 15 November 2013


Thought I would share with you some goodies my husband brought back
from a recent work trip to Japan. He works in engineering and had to go out there to front line a project.I love these little dishes they are so cute, took me a while to think where to display them.I wanted to put them some where I could see them everyday, and a place they would not get broke.So they sit in a line on my kitchen window sill.He also brought me this cute little tin with a tea inside, matches all my cerise in the kitchen.
    Later he this year he went back and got me more stuff, this time I got a little china doll ornament which goes lovely with my £1.00 saucer from a junk shop.lastly a cute bag, a girl can never have to many bags hey!
  The last thing are watercolours which I love, he wanted something cute for our lounge and they are lush, my favourite one is the stormy picture. all and all he went for a month each time and I was so misrable.I appreciate all my husband brought me, my best present was him back, safe  and home X