Friday, 7 March 2014

Home sweet home x

I have had two cozy, well appreciated two days off this week.I have balanced out housework and crafting. I can not work in mess, and once things are all tidied, theres no guilt spending hours of my time crafting.
  This week I have been revisiting old projects that need finishing.I do not know why we start a project with great enthusiasm and then simply get bored later...So this week is been all about completion.Now im back on these projects,boy am I enjoying my self.

  My yarn stash of odds and ends is slowly disappearing into a new blanket / throw I
know exactly where its going to once its finished, in my craft corner. I am in the process of  creating a new craft area for my self, and yes when im all moved in you will all be the first to see it in all its glory ha ha !When it comes to creative spaces I love to see how other crafters organise there spaces.
    I have some beautiful yarn that I brought a few months back.I splashed out on  some real wool yarns and what to have a go at some felting.What projects are keeping you all occupied this week?
  I will be planning projects in the garden, with spring approaching the garden is coming back to life.This box of bulbs waits for no man.They are sprouting as we speak in the container so need to be planted ASAP.
This will be my container of choice a bucket!With a few drill holes and all those colourful
bulbs its going to look delicious.Im loving this hot pink colour at the moment.
  Hope you all have a great weekend xxx