Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easy Easter

Hi there, hope your enjoying your Easter weekend . I cannot believe how quick the months are flying by, and we have nearly done with April. It was my birthday on the 15th.What a lovely day I had. My hubby and daughter took me for a lovely picnic to celebrate. I really enjoyed my self, but not the getting older part of course!
 In fact we all have had a lovely week Me and my hubby have booked some time off from our jobs so we could all be off with our daughter what with the school holidays.
 The weather has been quite pleasant so we have been on walks to parks to woods and lastly to the beach .We have hung out in the garden, watched films and pretty much any thing we want. It,s been lovely having no time constraints. Time for a spot of baking...... a little crochet too.

I  learned a new stitch I have been wanting to have a go at loop stich for a while, thought it looked hard but is quite easy to do.
   Any way hope you all have a nice time getting together with family.Not too many easter eggs mind!!!

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Im back, just.I have been super busy as usual. I have been doing a little crafting mainly in the evenings when we are all  watching the TV.A while ago I showed you a green blanket I have had like forever, well I told you I had plans to do an edging all around well.... here it is all finished!! I completed it weeks ago, really enjoyed working on it , giving it a new lease  of life.
I have also wanted to get into my garden and start to get my veg patch ready ready for  the new planting year, but here in England we have had some bad weather.We have had the highest record of rainfall recorded, not quite gardening weather at all.
My hubby had brought me the most loveliest mini greenhouse ever, so been eagar to get it used and get lots of cuttings and seeds growing.

 So now the extreme rainfall is done my gardening is thwarted by fog.Not just any fog the kind I have never seen  before. First i thought it was normal fog.So your thinking why would fog stop you from gardening? This one was caused by  sand from Sahara desert and pollution from Europe apparantly on the news it warned people with breathing problems not to go out im it.Im mild Asthmatic and the day before was out and about in this fog not knowing the warning issued.Later that day my throat was scratchy, and in the night and all the next day I sneezed continuously till my ribs were sore.I became tight chested and needed my inhaler.

Everything weather wise is back to normal now has promised by the weather forcast they said a wind would blow it away by Friday, and it did too.Lovely blue skies now.Gardening commence at last x