Saturday, 7 March 2015

Trying to be spring!

Its so nice to see the beginnings of spring. New buds forming on my hydrangeas. My little growing collection of house plants all in flower. I have never really been a fan of houseplants I always gotten my plant fix straight from the garden, but since having a baby this has changed. Not being able to frequent the garden as often as I like, and to sit in the garden at my leisure.

I recently brought these little beauty's how cute are the illustrations on the pots, I think they are super!!  Inspired by the there colours, here is a little bunting to brighten up even further the my little porch area which they entertain.

What ever your doing this week enjoy a little creativity xxx

P.S look out for my vintage craft item sale coming soon to raise money for Kenya. Some really good bargains to be had !!