Sunday, 19 April 2015

spring bedding

When I saw this bed set at ikea I knew I had to have it for my bed. Its been such a long time since I have brought new bedding. I have lots of quilt covers and pillowcases and various bits, but its nice to have a change. I really love how it brightens up my bedroom, and little one loves a good roll on it. She loves to look at the pattern.My bigger child  is like a lazy cat, she likes to lie on my bed too.These days I either find squeaky toys  in the bed or some kind of DS accessory thats babies and teenagers for you!!
Have a good weekend everybody x

Sunday, 5 April 2015


I hate leaving  pauses between posts but things have been so busy in my household. New baby, a teenager and a husband to look after!! I have one week left of maternity leave, then back to work. Things are about to get a whole lot crazier around here!

I am in know way ready to return ready to work. Im struggling to keep on top of the house work and have been having a mad declutter. Im thinking without out so much clutter things should be easier thope keep clean right? Im humming and rrrrring as to  whether or not to throw out my country living mags. I have about 100 or so. I love to flick through them when I get a minute. Not any more I have hardly looked at one in months. I have been so busy with my little baby.

Holly suffers from very bad eczema and as to watched like an hawk, as she tries to scratch  her self all the time. We have been through tons of emollients and much to my reluctance and a sanity am trialing a steroid baseds cream on the hospitals advice. We also after months of asking now have a dietician, and are trying Holly on a hydrolyzed formula. Early days at the moment but we will have to wait and see. I have a back up plan in case it fails I have ordered skin salvation which is a natural cream to treat eczema and as good reviews

Any way time for an update on those who read the story about the lady in Kenya and responded (see previous posts) Im happy to report she as been home from the hospital now several weeks ago. Sorry for slow update!! I was over the moon when I heard the news from Penny you for bringing this to our attention and thank you to all those who donated without your help im sure she would still be in that hospital

The craft swap I organised was such fun to do. I received some serious goodies in the mail. These absolutely beautiful and functional dishcloths knitted by Penny are the best I have ever used and lovely tea which I have now drank. This is what I got from my second give swap buddy.  Her name is Regina and also was the giveaway winner of the yarn and knitting book. Lots of lots of fabric she had left over from a quilit she was making lots of delicious tea to drink, a lovely hand quilted mat for my tea cup, a little orange snail gadget to sit on the side of your cup to wrap the teabag string on, a pair tweezers for doing delicate quilting, a couple of badges good quality thread, and a cute shaped case to put them in. Lastly she so kindly sent me a cream to try on my daughters ezcema. How kind indeed that really touched me was not expecting that!! Thank you both so much you really spoilt me rotten. I hope to do more to help more people in Kenya, I hope to set up an online haberdashery so I can sell little vintage items. The idea is to start a fund so that the money can go where its needed the most to help. More about that another time! Wishing you all a very happy Easter xxx