Sunday, 17 May 2015

Time to blog

Its been a long time since I blogged. I have been desperate the past few weeks to put up a post on my blog, but each time I have tried im either tired or very busy. I so love to blog and I love  reading your blogs.These days its taking extra effort to blog, but I dont care I love this little oulet and I feel I need it more than ever now!

Holly turned 9 months the other day, and her first tooth is on the way. She loves bitting my finger with it. My other daughter turned 15  a couple months back, I made her a very special cake for her birthday and the only one i have attempted to make one for a birthday. She wanted a cake she saw on one of her Japanese shows. This child is obsessed with the Japanese culture, so much so, she as been teaching her self  how to read and speak Japanese. Im so very proud of my big child and she is doing amazingly at school. So the cake she wanted is called strawberry short cake. Its a popular occasion cake in japan for birthdays and such special events. It was seriously yummy.

I have been trying to get on top of the eczema they both suffer with I have been trying various creams but finding what is working a best for them. silk undergarments on Holly. I noticed cotton clothing drank the emollient and then any moisture out of her body leaving her skin like parchment paper, whereas the silk does the opposite. A cream my friend sent me from America is very good for Rebecca. The silk clothes do not come cheap and I believe I can get them on prescription.  I have made a few garments my self to keep down the costs and they work just fine.

 I do not like the hospitals approach to treating eczema its seems they wear blinkers and all they are interested in are steroids. I dont condone them totally when things are very bad. I believe in natural herbal and therapeutic ways to in treating these skin problem too. So far the cream that has helped most is a hemp based cream, I have been refused it on prescription so pay nearly £20,00 a pot for it. I have been told of cheaper hemp based creams so am checking them out.

So you can see why I am so busy and being back at work with a scratchy baby is hard work but not has hard as some mothers day to day struggle.  My friend penny highlighted me to a situation where this child as got this abnormal growth on her head, read the story here. We are trying to raise funds for her to get an operation.  So far certain funds have been raised but not enough yet,  so if you can help let Penny know by visitors her blog please! I am hoping to get a little on line haberdashery up and running,  all proceeds will go to help this poor child get this life saving operation.

Any way will love and leave you all till next time x


  1. Hello dear Joy, so glad you found a spot of time to post on your blog. My you have been busy! The cake you made for your daughter's birthday is lovely and I'm sure it would be a favourite of mine since I happen to love strawberries :-) Your older daughter sounds amazing and very self motivated. You must be very proud as a mother. I'm hoping that soon you will find a hemp cream that works and is less expensive than what you have been using to date. Thank you for mentioned Baby Fidelis and posting the link. It would be lovely if they can get to Canada soon for surgery. xx

  2. Hi Joy, it's nice to see an update from you. I'm sorry about the girls' eczema. My children both had some when they were younger. I wonder what the cream from America you used is called? We used Aquaphor lotion on them, which helped. I don't know whether you can buy it there. The cake you baked for your daughter's birthday is lovely, I'm sure it was delicious. I hope everything else is well with your family. Take care.

  3. Hi Jen, hope you are well! the cream I got from from my friend is called vanicream its a very moisturising skin cream x

  4. That cake looks amazing! A very happy birthday to her friend!! And how wonderful that she is so eager and excited to learn! You must be so proud!!! I have kiddos with skin issues as well and I have been using essential oils which are plant based...I have been noticing a change. What kind of soap do you use on them?? My little guy had bad eczema and we used vanicream which worked very well and I see from the comment above you have tried it too! And there is an all natural baby body wash by California Baby that is specifically for kiddos with eczema that worked well too....I would use it to wash their bodies and then their hair and then use the vanicream. And yes I did see that article about that sweet little girl and will be donated to help them get her the help she many children out there that need our help. Wishing you a wonderful week friend! Nicole xoxo

  5. Stunning cake. Belated birthday wishes to her, a credit to you when a child is so eager to learn, Such a shame about the eczema. I will pop over and check out the article.

  6. Hi Joy, it's good to hear from you. The cake looks delicious. I hope you all enjoyed it.

  7. I also believe in natural treatment. Sometimes those things need more time and patience though but last longer and without side effects! All the best for you and your girls!

  8. The cake looks scrummy. I switched both my children to goats milk and cut out all dairy from cows. My daughter's glue ear and asthma cleared up and the asthma only reappears if she has dairy. My son had large open patches of eczema when he was little so I switched him too and now he has nothing except a little itching if he has dairy. It may be worth a try, it is not as much hassle as you might think!

    1. Thanks I might consider this x