Thursday, 22 December 2016

New year new cheer!!!

Hello my lovelies I have returned, and not a minute too soon. I have really missed this space. This is my place to catch up, to express my self and share. Things have been hard, I have encountered so many problems. If you know me then you know my child as excema, this condition really impacts on my family life. Little one was very poorly for months with a very bad flare up, so bad I couldn't see the day it would clear up. It now has and I'm over the moon.

So we have all had a nasty virus that's been going around. Little one as been very poorly she is not eating or drinking much. It was a possible stay hospital to get fluids into her. Today was better with her fluid intake, and she finally had a little to eat after days of eating nothing. Very worrying for me I am worn out with the worry. To top this my mother who is 80 yes of age is poorly with the same bug. I am unable to be in two places at once and have been relying on other siblings to care for her, as I have been looking after Holly. I will now go see her tomorrow and help where I can now Holly is turning a small corner to recovery.

I have been enjoying reading all of your blog's sorry if I have not been commenting on them. I see a lot of you have been well and truly organised for Christmas. I have done my best and have some last minute shopping to complete. I have sent snail mail, some of you should get your parcels in time for Christmas others there after. I hope you will love all the things I have sent you and made.

Here is a make that I made months ago the tutorial is here I have been wanting to tidy up all of those
stray carrier bags in my kitchen for a while, now they are all tidied away. This project is great if you have lots of fabrics scrapes like i do, and is super easy to make. Here is one i made earlier. Hope to share other makes soon!!

Wishing you all a very happy christmas and see you all in the new year xxx


  1. Good to know that things are getting better now. Hope your mother recovers soon. The grocery bag holder is a great way to make use of your fabric scrapes. Merry Christmas to you!

    1. Thanks, I will be glad when everyone is better xx

  2. Must be hard looking after both little one and mom. I'm sure both will be fine very soon. My mail to you is all ready to be sent out. Have a merry christmas and a happy new year.

  3. Hi Joy, I'm so glad to hear Holly's excema has cleared! Wow! That is super. I hope it stays that way for long. I'm also glad to hear she seems to be rounding the corner and recovering from the bug. I hope she feels 100% better soon and your mom too. I hope you can get some rest over the holidays. xx Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!