Monday, 17 July 2017

I'm back

Hello peeps it's been a while hey  how are you all? Well I'm back I think what's happening in your life determines whether your blogging or not.

I'm happy to say my younger daughters eczema is better than its ever been, not totally gone but so much better. I had a particularly bad run of it my self but I am doing a lot better.

I have been busy crafting and enjoying all the things you been making.  I wanted to show you what my friend Regina made me and my daughter for Christmas. They are called glam bags here are Regina,s, look at the butterfly zip pulls so  damm cute!
 I think they are fantastic what she made.  She also sent me the pattern which was really nice of her.
I also have had a go at making  some  I really enjoyed having a go, and want to make more, as they make great snail mail gifts so look out. I have made mine different sizes. I think she will be pleased I had a go as my  sewing skills are terrible, despite this I love to sew.

So hope you all having a good week and having a lovely summer. Hope to show you more makes soon xxx