Saturday, 14 December 2013

Decoration swap

This post is regards a Christmas Decoration organised by Marriane of ladybird diaries.We were teamed with a partner who we were to make some thing for.My partner was Suzanne Bramble her blog is "Tales from  my craft room." I mainly crochet and Suzanne sews, and sews beautifully I might add. This morming I woke to a early knock at the door by the post man, who handed me the most exquisite wrapped pressent I have ever received.

 Inside well...little packages wrapped in red and white reindeer tissue paper and dressed  with red ribbon bows. I never expected three packages".When I opened each oh what joy three gourgeous embroidery hoops pictures
.Really beautiful these babies are going to be displayed on my wall above the Christmas tree.This lady is so kind there were yet three more beautiful wrapped packages a christmas pressie for me my hubby and daughter. I will post these in the new year.We shall open them on christmas day.I also love the beautiful stamp on the cute christmas card and envelope.
 I want to thank you Suzanne from the bottom of my heart you are so generous with your time.I want to thank you Marriane for organising this wonderfull swap and a new craft buddy.
last but least, here is what I made Suzanne, this a chunky crochet bauble. My inspration needing to wear more jumpers because its freezing, so all I could think of was big thick woolies.
I added thread to the yarn in two golds to add sparkle.i stuffed with fluff and crunchy sparkly paper, so it crunches when it squeezed.

I added some little vintage buttons from my stash and beads , thankfully Suzanne loved it and the chocs.Girls got to have chocs right!
Hope I can Squeeze one more post in before Christmas if not, wishing you all the best christmas ever xxx

Sunday, 8 December 2013


So ladies, back to being me happy and well, I kicked that cold to the curb.So what have you all been up to?Work, work and a few indulges for me.Can not be helped when your Christmas shopping I suppose. These  purpley brown shoes were a real bargain, in that when I got to the till they were half there marked price again.

    Told you all I mostly done my xmas shopping i want to make my sister a crochet gift, not much time.I was thinking of a shrug or maybe a small runner to dress her bed. The trick is to use the wool I already have as I need to use it been very disciplined, but if  i see a bargain to good to resist, I might fall of the wagon.
   I have not done much crocheting for a while, I get into another craft and my brain can only focus on that one at the challenging my self to do a daily art journal.i want to sharpen my drawings skills. Thinking in the new year to do a drawing blog has well as this blog.One of my absolute favourite art journal bloggers is Kathrine Jebson-Marwdel.
     So I have now gone back to my little grey squares with jewel like colours, I think they will be a blanket.Too many for a cushion now, and a good way to use up my odds and ends

I made these cherry and coconut scones, they were delicious.I also tried a new spiced apple drink from Ikea,I love apple drinks this one im not sure a bit to much cloves  in the flavour,this over powered the apple.Any way my dears Im off to sort out uniforms for school and work. lunch boxs ect...See you all soon x