Sunday, 8 December 2013


So ladies, back to being me happy and well, I kicked that cold to the curb.So what have you all been up to?Work, work and a few indulges for me.Can not be helped when your Christmas shopping I suppose. These  purpley brown shoes were a real bargain, in that when I got to the till they were half there marked price again.

    Told you all I mostly done my xmas shopping i want to make my sister a crochet gift, not much time.I was thinking of a shrug or maybe a small runner to dress her bed. The trick is to use the wool I already have as I need to use it been very disciplined, but if  i see a bargain to good to resist, I might fall of the wagon.
   I have not done much crocheting for a while, I get into another craft and my brain can only focus on that one at the challenging my self to do a daily art journal.i want to sharpen my drawings skills. Thinking in the new year to do a drawing blog has well as this blog.One of my absolute favourite art journal bloggers is Kathrine Jebson-Marwdel.
     So I have now gone back to my little grey squares with jewel like colours, I think they will be a blanket.Too many for a cushion now, and a good way to use up my odds and ends

I made these cherry and coconut scones, they were delicious.I also tried a new spiced apple drink from Ikea,I love apple drinks this one im not sure a bit to much cloves  in the flavour,this over powered the apple.Any way my dears Im off to sort out uniforms for school and work. lunch boxs ect...See you all soon x


  1. Your shoes are beautiful. The crochet squares are lovely too!

  2. Love the crochet, I've only just started crocheting my Christmas pressies, talk about leaving things late! :) x

    1. Too right, good thing crochet yields quick progress.We can make small things x

  3. Who can resist beautiful shoes? ;-)

    Lovely little squares.

    Do not stress youself with Christmas!
    It is about joy, fun, love - not about presents.

    Why not making two cushions out of the squares and giving them to your sis?

  4. I love those shoes! I have some purple shoes too. I think your squares look great, I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect plan for them.

  5. Thanks Jen, I do love purple and these shoes are a rich shade.For the squares they can be a on going project for now. I shall get my wool stash down. I want to buy some seriously cool yarn blends x

  6. Oh your crochet looks great, fab colours. I love apple drinks too, I am a big fan of apple tea especially.
    Marianne x

  7. Hi Marianne, ive never tried apple tea sounds nice.thanks for liking my crochet X