Monday, 17 February 2014


Hello and how are you all? hope you are having a good week, I have managed to fix my computer problems.

 I  have found trying to fix the problem so frustrating. I thought I could fix it my self  then humbly had to ask my daughter to fix the problem for me.This generation of children know computers like the back of their hands dont they!


Last post i showed you a blanket i wanted to revamp. I found a really easy crochet edging from pintetest and so far so good. I have also been doing some sewing, making a cover for my two seater.
This green chair which I love used to reside in the spare room. AKA the busy room as I call it. Everyone uses  the spare room for their hobbies.

 We so desperately needed more seating In the living room unfortunately we did not want to then buy a second chair to match our black and gold decor in our living room. The obvious answer to our problem was to make a cover for the chair.

My fabric came from ikea, very reasonably priced too. Im no way a natural when it comes to sewing and so it was not plain sailing a lot of the time. I added some trim and some buttons hubbys bit of imput,  bless him for taking a interest. Glad it is all finished and the colour schemes all matching. Needs a good iron then im really done.
Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's weekend, hugs to you all x

Friday, 14 February 2014


First and foremost  happy valentines day to you all. Well what have you all been up to? well
as for me I have been very busy what with work and other things.

This as got to be one of my shortest posts yet because my computer is playing up.Downloading these photos for this post has been hard work.

The blanket shown In the last photo is my childhood blanket.So its been around a long time and is quite old. I dont want to throw it away but needs a revamp, any ideas how you would give it a new lease of life?

    Any way my dears have a lovely valentines weekend and if your one of the people affected by the floods in the UK my heart goes out to you x