Friday, 14 February 2014


First and foremost  happy valentines day to you all. Well what have you all been up to? well
as for me I have been very busy what with work and other things.

This as got to be one of my shortest posts yet because my computer is playing up.Downloading these photos for this post has been hard work.

The blanket shown In the last photo is my childhood blanket.So its been around a long time and is quite old. I dont want to throw it away but needs a revamp, any ideas how you would give it a new lease of life?

    Any way my dears have a lovely valentines weekend and if your one of the people affected by the floods in the UK my heart goes out to you x


  1. Busy people aren't we! I am very, very grateful to have a warm dry home.

    Have a sunny weekend
    Best wishes

  2. Me too,we are very fortunate indeed.Have a good weekend x

  3. Thank you and same to you, hope your feeling a bit better x

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  5. Sorry Joy that was me above - I left a comment in my husbands blog name by mistake! Anyway, hope you had a nice valentines day. For the blanket how about adding some appliqué and maybe a crochet edging?
    Marianne x

  6. Hi Marianne, thanks for suggestions for my blanket, and I had a lovely valentines thank you x

  7. Hi Joy, I'm with Marianne on this - and it would be a shame to lose your fave blankie from childhood! Hugs, Joy x
    BTW I tried to get onto your latest post but I'm told it doesn't exist so perhaps you are still having computer probs. All the best with it lovely.

  8. Thanks Joy, sorry yes have been having some computer problems indeed.Think I have sorted them out for now xx