Sunday, 19 January 2014

New year, new gear.

Hope you all are rested and feel ready to take on 2014.Happy new year to all my readers.i have really appreciated all the  comments you have all posted, and the people who enjoy following my blog.I have not been blogging long but already feel part of the online blog community.

     I have lots of little goals for this year. I feel its important to set goals for ones self, so my little saying for this year is"new year, new gear".Im switching things up a notch, taking to the next gear next level.There is no greater  feeling when you have worked hard to realise something and you the achieve it.What are your goals for 2014?

 Thought I would just share with you some crafty gear I got for christmas

I got some lovely crochet hooks,a sewing box and a moleskine sketch book.So right now I rearing  to go!!

 Lastly before I go just wanted to share with you some Art  work at my local shopping centre.

These pieces have been commissioned to raise awareness of the extinction of  elephants.I wish more could be done to stop this cruel act, hopefully governments will be more pro active this 2014.

   Hope to catch up with you all soon x


  1. Lovely new crafty things Joy. My goals this year are to use my sewing machine more and to try more complicated crochet patterns that I have steered away from in the past. Those elephants look really great. Hope you are having a good weekend.
    Marianne x

    1. Hi marianne, hope you get more sewing done this year and lots more crochet x

  2. You are all set up for a very crafty year! I really look forward to seeing what you make, I am sure it will be beautiful.

  3. What lovely gifts Joy and I do like your motto for the year - all the very best at working towards it! Those elephants are so beautiful but the reason behind them being there is very sad - wonderful creatures, how could people be cruel to them! Lovely week to you, hugs, Joy xo

  4. I like your gifts, especially the wood hooks and needles which I really enjoy using myself. I find they make my work go more smoothly somehow.

    I agree with the importance of saving the elephants. They are such magnificent creatures and it is horrible that poachers still get away with atrocities towards these and other animals.

  5. I am curious what you will make in 2014!
    Have you allready started something?

  6. Good luck with your new year goals. I never set goals or make resolutions. I can never stick to them. Love your wooden hooks.

  7. Lovely crafty presents, and those elephants look spectacular :) xx

  8. Such lovely gifts, Joy! "New year, new gear"...I really like that one! :) I feel so sorry for elephants. People are so cruel. I did hear recently on the news that the government in... I believe it was China, destroyed a whole bunch of ivory to show the world they're against it. I'd never buy anything made from ivory, or fur for that matter. Happy crafting and stitching to you sweet Joy! xo