Saturday, 17 May 2014


Its a sweltering Saturday in England. The temperature is  nearly in the 70s and has been predicted to be in the 80s tomorrow.  I have been in the garden tending to my plants. In fact its so hot I have taken to indoors until it cools down a tad.

   A few weeks ago I planted some vegetables.

I planted corn, red kidney beans, potatoes and cauliflower. little by little, I have seen signs of life emerging. I always find planting things fascinating.

When I was a child my dad was an excellent vegetable grower. When he would go out into the garden I would always follow him. I showed such keen interest. He eventually gave me my own patch to plant what I wanted. Even though he is not here any more, my love of gardening has been sown and has growing ever since.

  I am also enjoying the flowers in my garden, the colours I am seeing are really beautiful. When we moved to our house nearly 3yrs ago we inherited a lot of the last owners plants. The first year I left everything were it was, this gave me an idea of what plants were perennial annuals evergreens etc. The next year lots of moving or simply taking out plants that were not my taste. My mum and  my sister benefited and appreciated from the plants I no longer needed. I miss my garden from my last house, but not the work it was far to big to maintain. This garden is a lovely size and a happy family space.
  I have been so doing so many crafts at the moment, due to me having to take things easy what with being pregnant. I fancied a little sewing, I do not do much has I am not that confident. What inspired me to get the sewing machine out was a pink floral bag I brought from a charity shop. looks like it was made by someone at home. I loved the simplicity of the design yet its so strong for carrying my groceries.

  I hate a cupboard full of  plastic carrier bags and So thought I would have a go at copying the bag,  so now i got two nice strong bags and am being good to to the environment bonus!
 Hope you all are have had a good week, and enjoying the weekend. Make it a crafty one, i love seeing what you all been making xx

P.S before I go does anyone know what this shrub is please ?

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Super spring day

What a beautiful hot Saturday its been today unfortunately I had to work today. The rest of us got to stay at home (hubby and daughter) So I came in from work and tried to make a crafty bacon sandwich. My hubby was upstairs putting down some laminate flooring and my girl was outside playing. No sooner had I made it there doggy noses caught  a whiff  so they put in there requests for not only bacon but eggs on a sandwich they did enjoy them. Kept them quiet any way.
  Any way a while back I told you all I had a little news, something I have been dying to tell you all. Well my news is.......I am pregnant.
 It been hard news to contain but news I felt was best told when was sure all was well. This was not the case back in June 2013 when I had lost my second child at 8 weeks unknowingly. It was not until my 12 week scan I realised this had happened. What followed after the news nearly claimed my life. I had a life threatening miscarriage and nearly died. Several months elapsed and me and my hubby decided to try a again for our third child. All my scans have been ok. I now feel  I can relax and enjoy being pregnant and am looking forward to my maternity leave.
  So I will be making some little bits and bobs for baby. I am not sure what I am having yet so made an attempt at these little green booties.
I want to crochet some cute bibs next  and what ever else we shall see!
  Hope you all have a good weekend and bank holiday. Right I am off to soak up the last of the sunshine in the garden and relax with a ice lolly, usually would have been a vodka and orange. Not any more!!
 Next time I will show you my garden and what cool stuff I have been up to xxx