Sunday, 4 May 2014

Super spring day

What a beautiful hot Saturday its been today unfortunately I had to work today. The rest of us got to stay at home (hubby and daughter) So I came in from work and tried to make a crafty bacon sandwich. My hubby was upstairs putting down some laminate flooring and my girl was outside playing. No sooner had I made it there doggy noses caught  a whiff  so they put in there requests for not only bacon but eggs on a sandwich they did enjoy them. Kept them quiet any way.
  Any way a while back I told you all I had a little news, something I have been dying to tell you all. Well my news is.......I am pregnant.
 It been hard news to contain but news I felt was best told when was sure all was well. This was not the case back in June 2013 when I had lost my second child at 8 weeks unknowingly. It was not until my 12 week scan I realised this had happened. What followed after the news nearly claimed my life. I had a life threatening miscarriage and nearly died. Several months elapsed and me and my hubby decided to try a again for our third child. All my scans have been ok. I now feel  I can relax and enjoy being pregnant and am looking forward to my maternity leave.
  So I will be making some little bits and bobs for baby. I am not sure what I am having yet so made an attempt at these little green booties.
I want to crochet some cute bibs next  and what ever else we shall see!
  Hope you all have a good weekend and bank holiday. Right I am off to soak up the last of the sunshine in the garden and relax with a ice lolly, usually would have been a vodka and orange. Not any more!!
 Next time I will show you my garden and what cool stuff I have been up to xxx


  1. Congratulations! I pray all goes well for the rest of your pregnancy and that you and your hubby are truly blessed by the addition to your family. The little green booties are cute.

  2. Your loss last year must have been a dreadful experience for you all and I am so sorry, but now I am so happy to hear your wonderful news and wish you a beautiful healthy pregnancy, Joy! What a thrill for you both - and your daughter - and I will keep you in my prayers! Take good care of yourself and enjoy this wonderful time of preparation - and growth! I love your little bootees - always a favourite knitting project for me when babies were expected. Lots of love, Joy xo

  3. Congratulations, how exciting, I'm so so thrilled for you and your family. I'm sorry to hear what you went through last year, you certainly deserve this happiness xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Many congratulations Joy, what wonderful news. I'm sorry that you had such a difficult time last year. I wish you health and happiness in your pregnancy...and also looking forward to seeing the cute baby things you will be making!
    Marianne x

  5. Oh Joy, what a horrible time you've had of it but what wonderful news now. I'm really looking forward to seeing your crafty makes for the baby. Look after yourself XX
    PS. You should have known - who can resist a bacon sandwich!!

  6. Congratulations! What a delightful news! Sorry about your dreadful experience last year though. Those baby booties look so cute!