Friday, 25 July 2014


Thought I would pop in again to show you what else I have been up to. I have been doing a lot of baking, even though i don't normally have a sweet tooth. In fact I have spent more than half my life watching my sugar consumption.

When I was younger about 14 years of age, I felt really poorley and run down all the time. I was prone to getting lots of colds and sore throats. This was the time when doctors would give antibiotics out like sweets. Wondering why this approach was not working I stopped going to the doctors.

The Same week I bumped in to a friend, and mentioned my dilemma. She began to educate me on why I have been so poorly. She mentioned another friend with simalar symptons who had something callled Candida Albicans.

She explained my immune systems was under attack and that there was an imbalance  in my body. Usually in a healthy persons body there gut consists of good and bad bacteria, but a equal mix. This perfect balance can be undone through overuse of antibiotics- which lead,s to food intolerances.

I  had a food intolerance test done and found that sugar, dairy and yeasty foods are not my friends. When I eat less of these food's I have energy, and no problems. I do eat from these food groups but in moderation. I mean i really like chocolate, what woman could live with out chocolate!!

So what have i been baking? Short bread, and I really love these Scottish buiscuits . Making my own means I can control the amount of sugar that is added.

Lastly I made a plum tart, and I really have have a thing for plums at the moment, may be it's a pregnancy craving or something, as I was not that fussed about them before.

I found the recipe for a plum tart in Country living magazine. This magazine has some really good  food dishes, and takes note on what fruit or veg is currently in season. Food editor Alison Walker puts together amazing recipes. Her deep plum and almond tart is a joy to the taste buds!!

This recipe can be found in the August  2012 issue. If you would like the recipe email me, and I can foward that too you. Last but not least, here is my attempt, not as good as Alison's but yummy all the same x

Hope you all have a good weekend and, and lots of relaxing is involved x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Ups and downs, but mostly ups!!

Feels like forever and a day that I last blogged. So I'm glad to be able to come for a natter.Hope you are keeping well. What have you all been up to then?

I have been having good days and bad days; this is because I am not getting much sleep, l keep waking up with hip and pelvic pain and its very hard to get comfortable.

The baby has settled down quite a lot with its kicking all night. My belly is huge. This was taken months ago I am a lot bigger now!

I think it is a space issue for the baby. The more it grows the less space it has, so no more somersaults from this one.

So all in all I am checking my kick counts. I get less at night time, and more in the day. There is hope now; I might have a baby who sleeps through the night!!

I have already packed my bags for the hospital. I’ve have got this feeling little one might arrive early.

In my garden I have been checking on the progress of my vegetables. If you remember I planted potatoes, corn, radishes, onions, beetroot and cauliflower.

I cannot do much in the garden these days as I cannot bend down so have only have been able to watering. I did have a little check on progress only to find my radishes with little bite marks. My cauliflowers been lovingly visited by the cabbage white butterfly not!!

So I will not be eating the radishes, and I had to painstakingly remove the little eggs the butterfly had laid eggs on my cauliflower leaves. Luckily there was not that many of them it seems I just caught it in time.

I have now completely covered the bed with garden netting. I sewed pieces of net together. I should see no more problems now. The rest of my veg is doing well, yeah!

Lastly I keep harping on about wanting to do a craft stall. I have booked a table for the end of November at a Christmas fair. I should have lots of time to prepare. Here are some of the things I have made so far, I will be selling some of the other things you have seen me make on my blog. I am so excited. 

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend x