Friday, 11 July 2014

Ups and downs, but mostly ups!!

Feels like forever and a day that I last blogged. So I'm glad to be able to come for a natter.Hope you are keeping well. What have you all been up to then?

I have been having good days and bad days; this is because I am not getting much sleep, l keep waking up with hip and pelvic pain and its very hard to get comfortable.

The baby has settled down quite a lot with its kicking all night. My belly is huge. This was taken months ago I am a lot bigger now!

I think it is a space issue for the baby. The more it grows the less space it has, so no more somersaults from this one.

So all in all I am checking my kick counts. I get less at night time, and more in the day. There is hope now; I might have a baby who sleeps through the night!!

I have already packed my bags for the hospital. I’ve have got this feeling little one might arrive early.

In my garden I have been checking on the progress of my vegetables. If you remember I planted potatoes, corn, radishes, onions, beetroot and cauliflower.

I cannot do much in the garden these days as I cannot bend down so have only have been able to watering. I did have a little check on progress only to find my radishes with little bite marks. My cauliflowers been lovingly visited by the cabbage white butterfly not!!

So I will not be eating the radishes, and I had to painstakingly remove the little eggs the butterfly had laid eggs on my cauliflower leaves. Luckily there was not that many of them it seems I just caught it in time.

I have now completely covered the bed with garden netting. I sewed pieces of net together. I should see no more problems now. The rest of my veg is doing well, yeah!

Lastly I keep harping on about wanting to do a craft stall. I have booked a table for the end of November at a Christmas fair. I should have lots of time to prepare. Here are some of the things I have made so far, I will be selling some of the other things you have seen me make on my blog. I am so excited. 

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend x


  1. Hello Joy, and how good it is to see you and your lovely baby belly :)
    Time marches on - won't be long now till you can give this little one its first loving Mummy cuddle; what an exciting time!
    Sounds like it was a good idea to net your vege bed - good that you spotted the eggs and removed them before much damage was done but pity about the radishes.
    The bags you made are lovely with their sweet fresh colours and fabric and I think they will be a popular buy at your craft stall - well done and all the best with your preparations, you'll have lots of fun and you know, November is not too far away either.
    I'm sorry you're suffering from hip and pelvic pain Joy, especially when it's affecting your rest/sleep time, but soon .. .. .. .. .. won't be long now .. .. .. take care of yourself and no mad spring cleaning before the big event :) Lots of love, Joy xo

  2. Hello Ms. Abbott, my you were quite large a few months ago and I can only imagine your discomfort now. But the good news is it won't be long now before you little one arrives.

    Your garden actually looks much better than mine. My veggies are small and stunted this year and they too have bug infestation. I've been too busy and/or tired to deal with the pests. It is all I can do to keep my few flowers deadheaded and I'm not always on top of that but I try ;-)

    Best wishes with the Christmas stall. I've thought about it myself from time to time but don't really want to do the work so I applaud you. xx

  3. p.s. I hope you are right about the baby settling down through the night. Wouldn't that be awesome?! I hope your pelvic and hip pain goes away soon too and that you get a good sleep before the baby arrives. xx

  4. You should be so proud of what you have created! Those pieces are stunning! And your garden is booming friend! Oh I remember those days at the end! The excitement and uncomfortable sleeping! Such a blessing! Happy weekend to you pal! And fingers crossed that the little bean comes soon! Nicole xoxo

  5. I am so happy for you! You look great :-) I can imagine gardening is hard though. I think you will have enough time to make some more things for the craft fair. I love these bags you've sewn!

  6. The bags look great. I loved being pregnant until the very last few weeks, the uncomfortable nights were a frustration but you get ready for a change of challenges. Jo x

  7. |Ooooo exciting times - I wish you all the very best. My second daughter was born in the front room, at home, on a very, very hot August afternoon! I remember it well
    Take care
    Best wishes

  8. Your belly looks lovely. I had both of my babies in September so I know all about the hot pregnant summers. :) I hope you're both doing well.

  9. Your garden beds look lovely! I imagine that it is not easy to care for them when you are pregnant! I have already problems with the heavy watering cans ;)

  10. Your garden looks healthy. Good luck on your upcoming delivery!

  11. Those bags are fab, your stall should be stunning! Good luck with your bump! x

  12. The thing that I liked when I was pregnant was my belly!! I love that.
    Great garden! We ate green beans this week from our garden, what a difference with those we find at the grocery.
    Love those bags and the fabric you chose.

  13. What a gorgeous bump! Hope you are keeping well and are not too uncomfortable. Well done for booking a craft fair, how exciting!
    Marianne x

  14. Wish you all the very best! You have a nice garden. How wonderful it is to be able to grow your own veggies. Those bags are beautiful.