Friday, 27 February 2015


Hi there, hows it going? I hope you have had a good week. Thank goodness its the weekend   time for a slower pace if life. Things have been a little exhausting lately, but im getting there. More about this another time, we have more pressing matters!

My last posts have been about raising awareness and funds to help a young lady in Kenya. I posted an update on the situation for all those who missed that.

So the moment you all been waiting for the results of the giveaway. I  want to thank all those people who have taken part and those who took an interest. Im sure I speak for Penny too, when i say with out your your help we would not even be close to paying of this bill. So thank you so much indeed!!!

I will continue to provide regular updates on my blog regarding the situation, has it develops, and hope she will be home real soon.

The never fail method of choosing a winner straight from the hat by my eldest daughter. Drum roll............The winner is Regina . Well done to you I will be in touch soon to get your goodies off to you in the post XXX

Friday, 20 February 2015


Just wanted to stop by and thank those who took part in my give a craft, give a donation. For those who said they wanted to donate,  its not to late.  My friend penny updated me regarding the situation with the lady in Kenya. If you missed my last post her is a link read the story here.

The situation is to date is that part of  her bill is paid thanks to your donations  but not cleared. This means for the lady in question she is not allowed leave the hospital untill the bill is fully cleared.  The amount roughly and dont quote untill I speak to Penny is just over £200.00. This amount is keeping this lady from going home to her family and her other child at home.

 I dont know about you, but if you ever been away from your child its very hard. When I had a misscarige being away from home was hard, but my husband was able to visit. The emotional side to losing a child never goes away you always grieve. The family were able to to with help a bit of help, able to organise a  funeral for the baby, the sad part the mother was not allowed to attend because of this hospital bill situation, how sad indeed. If you want to donate please do so by contacting Penny for details

I will be sending again soon another  donation from my own pocket I feel I must do everything I can do to help. Lastly the giveaway winner will be announced next week Friday. if you are quick you might still be able to enter to win these goodies. Good luck xxx

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Give a craft give a donation

This blog post is a little different to all my other posts . This one is to highlight the plight of a  pregnant lady in Kenya who was rushed to hospital with complications she sadly lost her baby, she was 31 weeks along. Since then she as been stuck in hospital unable to leave until her hospital bill is paid

A fellow blogger, and where I read this story is trying to raise funds to help this woman. Read her story here. The situation of her circumstances and the reason im setting up this appeal is to help this lady pay her bill so she can go home, to grieve for her lost child. This lady must be so fed up and depressed.

I would like to raise some cash to do this and I need your help me and  Penny have donated but we need more funds and your help. so im organising "give a craft give a donation" I want people to send some thing for fun and donate a little to (PLEAiSE NOTE ITEMS CAN BE SENT UP TO TWO WEEKS AFTER THE 20TH OR LATER ) Here's how it works; check out the cool poster my daughter designed  below for details.

Have access to a PayPal account to make a donation ( this can be sent directly) by emailing penny at ( please note donations are voluntary)

Lastly there will be a giveaway. All people who participate  will go in to a draw to win this knitting book and this bag of yarn and patten book.This will be announced at a later date.

Deadline to enter  for the "give a  craft" will be 20th feb this is so I can let every one know which blogger they are to be paired with ( the quicker everyone is paired, the quicker the  crafts can be sent.

If you would like to take part and I really need has many people as possible leave a comment below indicating this. And lastly thank you ever so much ♡♥♡

Joy x