Friday, 20 February 2015


Just wanted to stop by and thank those who took part in my give a craft, give a donation. For those who said they wanted to donate,  its not to late.  My friend penny updated me regarding the situation with the lady in Kenya. If you missed my last post her is a link read the story here.

The situation is to date is that part of  her bill is paid thanks to your donations  but not cleared. This means for the lady in question she is not allowed leave the hospital untill the bill is fully cleared.  The amount roughly and dont quote untill I speak to Penny is just over £200.00. This amount is keeping this lady from going home to her family and her other child at home.

 I dont know about you, but if you ever been away from your child its very hard. When I had a misscarige being away from home was hard, but my husband was able to visit. The emotional side to losing a child never goes away you always grieve. The family were able to to with help a bit of help, able to organise a  funeral for the baby, the sad part the mother was not allowed to attend because of this hospital bill situation, how sad indeed. If you want to donate please do so by contacting Penny for details

I will be sending again soon another  donation from my own pocket I feel I must do everything I can do to help. Lastly the giveaway winner will be announced next week Friday. if you are quick you might still be able to enter to win these goodies. Good luck xxx


  1. Bless you Joy for this update and the giveaway. I'm still interested in the giveaway and if anyone else is interested in the craft exchange, I'm willing to participate in that too :-) Big hugs. xx

  2. Thank you for this update. I am keeping this lady in Kenya in my prayers. Hope she can go home soon. You and Penny will be blessed for your efforts. John

  3. You are such a PHENOMENAL WOMAN for doing this to help your friend. Such an amazing gift! <3