Monday, 10 August 2015

its been a while

It most definitely been a while since I last blogged, I hope you all haven't forgot me!! In fact a whole year has passed to day since I had my baby girl.  I know it has gone quick right? It’s been a turbulent year; it’s had its up and downs. Mostly struggling with a baby with eczema, which really has impacted on every aspect of family life? I have been managing on mostly four hours of broken sleep a night. Things are improving slowly and my knowledge on the subject has improved significantly. I have read so many medical journals on the subject to find what will help to alleviate or cure her for good.

I have just come back off holiday. We had a little break at a seaside resort and the children enjoyed the beach, and I enjoyed our daily walks to new places. We had so many things to pack for the journey. With not much time with a baby and teenager to do it, I forgot to bring any crafting materials. I did buy a really good craft magazine while holidaying, full of lots of projects I would like to try which has definitely wet my appetite. I want to get stuck back into crafting again, as I have not made much since baby has been born. Here are some of the things I made while pregnant and hopefully I will have more makes to show you soon!