Thursday, 23 May 2013

A little ripple

My finished ripple blanket. Inspiration from Lucy at attic 24 and pattern. I really enjoyed making this blanket. It was such fun and easy to do once I got in to it. Hope you like it ♡


  1. Your ripples are looking lovely - very fresh and bright, and is that a crocheted hot water bottle cover I spy there? Very sweet, well done! Joy x

  2. The ripple blanket is lovely. I haven't attempted that stitch yet must give it a go soon Mx

  3. Thanks, and yes give it a go happy crocheting x

  4. Oh, it's just lovely! That looks like such a soft, cozy blanket, and I love the colors you're using too. :) Great stitching, Sweetie! xo

  5. I've seen this pattern, is it ok for a novice?! Yours looks so neat, lovely! :) x

    1. This pattern is ok, at first I messed up loads kept going wrong. I stuck with it, kept going back to Attic 24 for her instructions.You will after time get so comfortable with the pattern, you just know where the dips are coming to make the ripples.My advice would be try small then go big.