Sunday, 28 July 2013

Time out

Seems  it has been such a long time since i have  been on my own blog and posted anything.This week has been really busy what with work and other things.I have been able to indulge a litte to relax, with a little crochet.So I have been trying out patterns from Jan Eaton 200 crochet blocks.I really like this book.this was my first crochet book I brought.So will try out some others another time, in the mean time still working on my green squares when I can.I love mostly to create without patterns, but  a nice easy to understand pattern is fine too, and its got to be easy x


  1. That's lovely Joy, and I hope you can soon find more time for your creative outlets!
    Joy x

  2. Hi Joy! It's so hard to find time to just relax sometimes. I'm glad you did. :) Your squares are so pretty. Isn't it such fun to just doodle around trying out new patterns and colors?! Hope you find a whole bunch more fun time this week, Sweetie! xo Paulette