Thursday, 12 September 2013

To be or not to be, umm!

This is a little something I started a while back, it started life has four seperate squares  that were supposed to grow in to a lovey lace like design blanket, I used a chenille type yarn.It was easy to crochet with, just was not likeing the results. So I  decided  against a blanket and joined what squares i had made already. So i  thought these need jazzing up a bit, hence the little flowers, and pink boarder.well I tried im not very good at flowers.Now im left with dilemma of what to turn this into, maybe a cushion case, a bag maybe, what do you all think?Hope you all have a splendid weekend x


  1. Hello Joy - well, I think this sweet thing could become a lovely cushion - but there again, a bag could be just as successful! You see - I'm no help at all, sorry! I do like the gentle colours and the lovely little flowers and am looking forward to seeing what you turn this into!
    Wishing you the best!
    Joy x

  2. The flowers are my favorite - very cute and dainty!

  3. I agree with Joy, it could become a pillow cover. It's really pretty and I like the colors.