Saturday, 14 December 2013

Decoration swap

This post is regards a Christmas Decoration organised by Marriane of ladybird diaries.We were teamed with a partner who we were to make some thing for.My partner was Suzanne Bramble her blog is "Tales from  my craft room." I mainly crochet and Suzanne sews, and sews beautifully I might add. This morming I woke to a early knock at the door by the post man, who handed me the most exquisite wrapped pressent I have ever received.

 Inside well...little packages wrapped in red and white reindeer tissue paper and dressed  with red ribbon bows. I never expected three packages".When I opened each oh what joy three gourgeous embroidery hoops pictures
.Really beautiful these babies are going to be displayed on my wall above the Christmas tree.This lady is so kind there were yet three more beautiful wrapped packages a christmas pressie for me my hubby and daughter. I will post these in the new year.We shall open them on christmas day.I also love the beautiful stamp on the cute christmas card and envelope.
 I want to thank you Suzanne from the bottom of my heart you are so generous with your time.I want to thank you Marriane for organising this wonderfull swap and a new craft buddy.
last but least, here is what I made Suzanne, this a chunky crochet bauble. My inspration needing to wear more jumpers because its freezing, so all I could think of was big thick woolies.
I added thread to the yarn in two golds to add sparkle.i stuffed with fluff and crunchy sparkly paper, so it crunches when it squeezed.

I added some little vintage buttons from my stash and beads , thankfully Suzanne loved it and the chocs.Girls got to have chocs right!
Hope I can Squeeze one more post in before Christmas if not, wishing you all the best christmas ever xxx

Sunday, 8 December 2013


So ladies, back to being me happy and well, I kicked that cold to the curb.So what have you all been up to?Work, work and a few indulges for me.Can not be helped when your Christmas shopping I suppose. These  purpley brown shoes were a real bargain, in that when I got to the till they were half there marked price again.

    Told you all I mostly done my xmas shopping i want to make my sister a crochet gift, not much time.I was thinking of a shrug or maybe a small runner to dress her bed. The trick is to use the wool I already have as I need to use it been very disciplined, but if  i see a bargain to good to resist, I might fall of the wagon.
   I have not done much crocheting for a while, I get into another craft and my brain can only focus on that one at the challenging my self to do a daily art journal.i want to sharpen my drawings skills. Thinking in the new year to do a drawing blog has well as this blog.One of my absolute favourite art journal bloggers is Kathrine Jebson-Marwdel.
     So I have now gone back to my little grey squares with jewel like colours, I think they will be a blanket.Too many for a cushion now, and a good way to use up my odds and ends

I made these cherry and coconut scones, they were delicious.I also tried a new spiced apple drink from Ikea,I love apple drinks this one im not sure a bit to much cloves  in the flavour,this over powered the apple.Any way my dears Im off to sort out uniforms for school and work. lunch boxs ect...See you all soon x

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bears and a pig

So my dear friends, what interesting stuff have you been up to?I have been busy has ever, and dragging along a cold I can not seem to shake.My hubby and daughter too, are full of cold as well.Well it is that season I suppose!
     Apart from running errands and going to work,I have not been out much.Luckly i have been doing my christmas shoping online.So at least thats getting done.I have not done much crafting but I did manage to finish my amigurumi bears I started a while back.Remember there were a few heads I started, and no bodies.My daugter and hubby have been playing catch with there little heads.Well I have four completed bears.There is polar bear,jumper bear,red bear,  which went wrong because i can see the stuffing inside him. Then there is sad  yellow bear, which i love the most and just could not  bring my self to change is mardy expression.lastly miss pig.Yeah I made a pig toy.Now im not quite done with amigurumi yet, I want to make a puppy for my daughter.What ever you are all up to this weekend make it a crafty one, and a good one x.

Friday, 15 November 2013


Thought I would share with you some goodies my husband brought back
from a recent work trip to Japan. He works in engineering and had to go out there to front line a project.I love these little dishes they are so cute, took me a while to think where to display them.I wanted to put them some where I could see them everyday, and a place they would not get broke.So they sit in a line on my kitchen window sill.He also brought me this cute little tin with a tea inside, matches all my cerise in the kitchen.
    Later he this year he went back and got me more stuff, this time I got a little china doll ornament which goes lovely with my £1.00 saucer from a junk shop.lastly a cute bag, a girl can never have to many bags hey!
  The last thing are watercolours which I love, he wanted something cute for our lounge and they are lush, my favourite one is the stormy picture. all and all he went for a month each time and I was so misrable.I appreciate all my husband brought me, my best present was him back, safe  and home X

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bears, every where!

Hi there my blog family, i have been away for to long.I have had a bit of a cold, but on the up and up now.So i have busy trying my hand at  Amiguruni, I have tried to follow a pattern but get suck  following them, feel like im improvising.So i keep coming with all sorts of bear head  faces and ideas.Red bear looks a bit grumpy but I love yellow bears sad face.i am really enjoing my self, im soon to be making the bodies for yellow and red bear.I love making toys think i would like to make a Amiguruni puppys as well.I think these bears will make a nice Christmas present for someone, or if i come up with a half decent bear prehaps a give a way.We shall see!!
 I have been bit bobing between the other projects i have started so will show you what i have made soon.So Im home alone today writing my blog.its blustery and cold, so many cups of tea on the go.May be I will do some baking later Im dreaming of carrot cake, but there is the triffle I started yesterday to finish and decorate.What ever you are all up to I hope you are well, and have a lovely week.Bye for now hugs xxx!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

lovely week

 I have been enjoying my week, I have been visiting lots of craft fairs.I would of liked to have been a stall holder, but not got enough stock.I have brought some early Christmas presents and bits for the house, some lovely glass wear.Even though I did not get to do a stall it was educating.I took notice of how people displayed there stock and things they were selling.Have you ever done a craft stall of your own?
  This week also has been lovely in that I celebrated  my wedding anniversary.My hubby brought me a gourgeous bunch of flowers, with all the colours I adore.He also brought me a book I wanted for so long"homespun by Selina Lake"
 I have also started another project, and will have to get back to the other I started another time.This new project is going to be a blanket, it uses up little balls of left over wool effectivly.I have lots left since my ripple blanket.
 Any way hope I have not rammbled on, Hope you have all have a lovely weekend : ) xxxx

Monday, 30 September 2013


Autumnal weather is creeping slowly but surely.Things are starting to die back, colours fading. I enjoyed growing stuff in my veg beds, yielded some knock out potatoes.I have never grown
Potatoes before, organic ones rule.They were fluffy and creamy.I grew other stuff but ate them all ready so got nothing to show you there! I did try to grow runner beans hopeless.the slugs were having none of it.There is a happy ending to this story.The other day I sat at the bus stop talking to a old fellow, and we got talking about vegetable growing.Told him about my disappointing runner beans crop, just so happens he has an alottment and was on his way home from there.He had a bag full of runner beans.What he did next suprised me, he only gave of what he had picked how kind.know the proof is in the tasting, delicious.Yum x

Fabric fun

I thought i would share with you some of my attemps at patchwork.I know not very neat, but none the less colourful.I reallly enjoy sewing but not that good at it.My point being, never be put of by a craft because you not brilliant at it, do it for the sheer creativity. The quilt at the bottom is has old as my daughter, 13 years old.I started it when she was little its made from clothes she out grew.I even did some applique feet, her little feet back then were my template.I like remembering what outfits all the little patches came from.What crafts do you like doing even when it gets the better of you?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

To be or not to be, umm!

This is a little something I started a while back, it started life has four seperate squares  that were supposed to grow in to a lovey lace like design blanket, I used a chenille type yarn.It was easy to crochet with, just was not likeing the results. So I  decided  against a blanket and joined what squares i had made already. So i  thought these need jazzing up a bit, hence the little flowers, and pink boarder.well I tried im not very good at flowers.Now im left with dilemma of what to turn this into, maybe a cushion case, a bag maybe, what do you all think?Hope you all have a splendid weekend x

Friday, 23 August 2013

summer runner

Just thought I would post  a couple of pictures of another runner I made for my dear mum.
This runner is a long one that my mum puts on her  long side board.Gone a bit colourful again, but hey ho!
 Loving all the lovely bright colours of summer so also gone mad with colourful flowers in my garden too.
   Hope you all enjoing this summer, and spending lots of time in your gardens and of course crafting X

Saturday, 3 August 2013


Well I have turned my green themed squares into a baby blanket, I loved using all my different shades of green.I was inspired by all the beautiful greens of the countryside.I took inspiration for the scalloped edge from Annoo, s crochet blog.but changed the pattern slightly.Im already on another something again,Annoo, s got a  great granny blanket that I can use all my odds and ends up on.This project will be a nice distration, between other projects im doing
   This week I have been in my  veg garden, may be next time I show what I managed to salvage from the little pests that tried to eat everything x.