Saturday, 21 June 2014

summer bunting

Here is a little something I made over a few evening using up odds and ends. I really enjoyed making each flower and trying out different colour combinations.

My inspiration came from a very creative blog. She designed some really pretty flowers which I thought would make gourgeous bunting.

I followed her pattern by looking at her clear photos of each stage in creating the flower.I tweaked her pattern slightly but not much.

I have never written a pattern before, but will try to write one if any one is interested in making one ♡

Saturday, 14 June 2014

No pain, no gain!!

So what have you all been up to? My week has been various appointments. My first was a dreaded dentist appointment. A month and a half ago a routine check up showed I had a hairline crack on one of my teeth.

The dentist was pretty sure it was going to need to come out eventually. I was not to happy about this seeing I had no real pain and did not want any major treatment being quite pregnant. I cancelled the very next appointment she scheduled to have a better look at the tooth.

 A whole month later everything was just fine, and I was managing to eat on the other side and avoiding any thing to upset the tooth. But being greedy me I forgot one day to be careful and bit down hard on the tooth and it proper cracked, that all I needed.

So the next week the tooth had to come out. It was not pleasant, but I promise I wont go in to detail, no one likes to hear dentist horrors.

I am doing fine. Surprisingly I have not even had to take one paracetamol for the pain which I'm totally baffled about. I must have a high pain threshold or something.

My second appointment was much more straight forward an whooping vaccination to protect baby at birth. The vaccine crosses the placenta to protect baby. I was a bit sceptical but seeing the complications that can arise for a new-born, who would not get this vaccine until two months old.

My arm aches like a thousand bee stings, but I'm glad I had it done for baby's sake.

Despite my week of pain, I have been working on my granny squares blanket. I have working on since the dawn of time; In fact since I started my maternity leave. I have been a force to reckon with regards crochet. Every unfinished project is getting my attention and new stuff is being started.

I finished the baby things. I showed you some booties and a blanket I made a while back. I have since made a  little hat to go with them and I finished it off with a little scalloped edge.

I also made this little fellow, thought it would be nice for the baby, but my other baby who is 14 loved it so much, it stays with the other pile of toys at the bottom of her bed. Teenagers hey!!

Next time, if I have any plants left due to slugs and foes. I will show you my vegetable patch. We shall see....♡

Monday, 9 June 2014

liebster part 2

11 random facts about me:

 1) I  used to teach art classes.
 2) I drink hot tea far to quick.
 3) I love thunder.
 4) Im very clumsy.
 5) im very helpful.
 6) I am a book illustrater, my work is published.
 7) Im the youngest of 6 siblings.
 8) When I was born I had to go in intensive care for two weeks.
 9) Im a determined person.
10) I like milk in mint tea, weird I know!
11) Im terrible at swimming.

Here are 11 questions for my nominees:

1) what is your favourite colour?
2) What makes you laugh?
3) If you were in power what would you do?
4) What is your idea of a perfect day?
5) How did you choose your blogs name?
6)What craft would you like to learn?
7)Whats your Favourite season?
8)What makes you mad?
9)Who inspires you?
10) Are you good at cooking?
11) Whats your happiest memory?

Here are my nominees:

Friday, 6 June 2014

Liebster award

I am excited to announce that I have been nominated for a liebster award  by the lovely How this works I have to answer 11 questions set by My wool valley and then tell you 11 random facts about me. So here goes:

1) What gave you the taste to write a blog?

One day by chance I came across a site called blogger. I loved seeing all the things you guys were making. I felt I would like to contribute to this site as I have always loved doing crafts. I decided to start my own blog.

2) How did you learn to craft?

I have always been a creative person and love to make things. I just follow tutorials or just make things up as I go along.

3) What is your favourite writer?

Nicci French books, love them.

4) What are your favourite accessories?


5) What is your next craft project?

I am finishing of a granny square blanket

6) Where do you want to live if you had to quit your country?

America looks amazing.

7) What do you think is the hardest thing about blogging?

Sometimes time is an issue, I do not like leaving long gaps between posts.

8) What is your favourite colour to knit or crochet or use to craft?

I love rose pink colours.

9)What is your favourite flower?

I could not just pick one as I love to many types

10) What would you do if you were rich?

I would make sure friends and family were ok financially, then I would set up charities to help vulnerable  people.

11) How do you find inspiration for your craft work?

Nature, pinterest, blogger  absolutely any where.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Oh so tired

  I have been  enjoying reading your blogs. I have mostly been reading them the early hours morning because I cannot sleep.  I seem to have a very active baby who likes to kick all night long and most of the day. Hope this is not a taste of things to come when the baby arrives.

  Im taking things a lot easier at the moment. Normaly im very active but due to being pregnant im sitting down a bit more than usual. So what to do? Well theres my unfinished crochet pile, which I have been working through.

 Do you remember this? I started this project yonks ago, it was either going to to be a cushion cover or a bag, or something

  I decided to turn it into a cushion and big granny square for the back of the cushion and a generous button hole for a toggle peg button.

   Now I got  more time im hoping to work through a bit more of the pile, and use up all my smaller balls of wool.This way I can move onto my recent yarn purchases and make new things.

  Hopefuly I can do that craft stall one day im always talking about!!

Lastly look at these beautiful  pink roses my hubby brought me, he is so very thoughtful and I love him to bits x